The Inherent Value in a Phone Service Plan From Net-Tell LLC

Over last few years, Net-Tell LLC has established and reinforced its reputation as an acknowledged leader in the business of low-cost and high-value home telephone service. Besides a flat rate on calls inside the United States, lower rates for international calls and a a whole host of free services many other phone companies charge for, Net-Tell LLC can rightfully claim to offer service that is every bit as good as the phone company’s, at a significant cost savings.

It can be said that the key to being able to offer a high level of phone service at a lower cost comes, as usual, with technology. Net-Tell LLC makes the best use of VoIP telephone service, which has revolutionized landline phone service over the last decade or so. The initials, VoIP stand for Voice over Internet Protocol, which sound really complicated, although it just means, instead of using expensive hard-wired technology to route calls, they are routed over the Internet, using their existing broadband connection.

Net-Tell LLC customers don’t notice a difference, nor does anyone on the other end of their calls. Everything about the home phone experience is exactly the same as it was with the phone company. Net-Tell LLC customers use the same landline phone, and they dial numbers as they always have, with the person on the other end answering the call. Nothing else changes, except the bill, which is usually lower. Net-Tell LLC service is very easy to set up and use. In addition to flat rates for domestic calls with no long distance charges and low international rates, all plans come with many features phone companies often charge extra for, if they are even available.

Net-Tell LLC is a New Type of Phone Service
The Incredible Value of Net-Tell LLC Home Phone Plans